19-I MD19 Winner

Student: Ava Nesbitt

Age: 12 (Female)

Grade: Eighth

School: Pacific Christian Academy

Sponsoring Club: Gordon Head Lions Club , I-3

Students Quote on Peace: “My poster is about two people separated by war and the man sends a dove to deliver a note of love and hope for peace. The dove in the sky is mending the cracked and broken world and with time the tragedy of war will disappear.”



Student: Myla Munson

Age: 12 (Female)

Grade: Seventh

School: Leota Junior High School

Sponsoring Club: Woodinville Lions Club, B-3

Students Quote on Peace: “I believe that if we all have a chance to speak our minds, we can promote peace and equality.”


Student: Greta Mason-Todd

Age: 13 (Female)

Grade: Seventh

School: Poulsbo Middle School

Sponsoring Club: Poulsbo Lions Club, C-4

Students Quote on Peace: “Working together will build a better planet for people and animals.”


Student: Madison Alejo

Age: 13 (Female)

Grade: Eighth

School: Manson Elementary School

Sponsoring Club: Lake Chelan Lions Club, D-2

Student's Quote on Peace: “You can't paint peace. Peace paints itself.”



Student: Jasmine James

Age: 13 (Female)

Grade: Eighth

School: Priest Lake Elementary

Sponsoring Club: Chewelah Lions Club, E-9

Students Quote on Peace: “The World coming together in harmony would create something beautiful.”


Student: Tessa Franco

Age: 12 (Female)

Grade: Seventh

School: Selah Middle School

Sponsoring Club: Selah Valley Lions Club, F-1

Student's Quote on Peace: “To celebrate peace you must share it and try to bring more people to peace. To celebrate peace is to make an effort.”